Facebook Launches a Dating Tab in the US!

When Zuckerberg said the future of Facebook was to continue making ‘meaningful connections’ this isn’t exactly what we had in mind! The US have just rolled out a feature with its own tab within the main Facebook App and is available to anyone 18+ who wishes to participate.

The feature also connects to Instagram as you are able to match people who you follow on both Apps, if you ‘like’ someone who likes you back a match is created.

How does it work? To use it you will need to set up a separate profile, the only information carried over will be your name and age. The service will then present you with match suggestions based on age, location and other preferences similarly to current dating apps however another feature included will be the ability to match with people who are part of the same Facebook groups and events – imagine being able to match with a potential partner days before attending the event!

Facebook will also become part of ‘Secret Crush’, an existing feature that allows users to choose up to nine Facebook friends who they have an interest in (providing you both follow each other) and if the same two people choose one another a match is created and names are revealed. If only one person chooses the other as a crush, nothing happens.

We’re not sure when this might arrive in the UK at the moment but it’s fair to say that with Facebooks extensive cache of data about you and your friends it could really be a game changer in the ever-growing world of online dating. Watch this space!